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Miracles & Proof of God

From Mia:

I have elected to call this collection of stories “Proof of God” because each of the following miracles have provided me with so much quantifiable and miraculous evidence of God that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is real.

I’ve shared these stories in the hopes that it inspires someone who might need evidence (like I did) to go deeper with God than they ever thought possible.

  • True stories about straight-up miracles that doctors said were impossible.
  • How God walked me and my children out of poverty and into a life of more than enough.
  • How God delivered me from the nightmare of PTSD.
  • Life-saving intercession.
  • Doing the ‘greater works’ that Jesus foretold.
  • Let your light shine. Use your life to bring God glory.
  • The tangible comfort that God’s people should expect from the comforter.
  • And so much more!

Many of these stories contain incredible lessons that came straight from God that have helped me to live a miraculous life. I hope that you read each one of them and they help you to live an incredibly miraculous life too!

Much Love in Him,


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Mia tells how God taught her the definition of faith and shares the miraculous example that God used to teach her. If you’re going to read one thing from this site, let it be this. (But you really shouldn’t miss this either.)

God used a dream to teach Mia to pray about prophetic dreams with miraculous results.

Learning how to follow the Bible’s examples for greater works brings glory to God!

Devote As Much Time To God’s Spiritual Language As You Devoted To Learning English

God often shows Mia things that will become headline news. After she learned how to pray about them, miracles began to happen. The following articles are two of our favorites:

Miraculous Life

Jesus says, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and even greater works shall they do because I go to the Father.” (john 14:12)


Step One: Do It Biblically


Following God To Health & Healing

  • A Very Important Lesson from God on Following Him to Health

The Great Physician Prescribes Garlic

  • Miraculous Cure To An Undiagnosed Illness
  • Deadly Infection: Medicine Wasn’t Working
  • Stopping A Deadly Infection In Its Tracks

God Sends People To Doctors

  • God Said It’s Going To Be A Great Story
    Prophecy of a Miracle Result from Cancer Treatment
  • Didn’t know there was a problem until God said Go to the doctor
  • Divine Diagnosis
  • Dream Leads To Life-Saving Action Scarlet Fever
  • Dream Leads To Life-Saving Treatment & Prevents Cancer

Miraculous Comfort From God

  • Shot 8 Times and Survived After A Promise From God
  • He Will Speak
  • Following God Out of the Mountain