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Proof of God

I believe that every person in God’s kingdom can:

a.) know God personally


b.) is capable of living a life full of miracles and ‘greater works.’

The key to living a miraculous life is knowing God personally and learning the true definition of faith.

At the following link, you will find the definition of faith that came straight from God, and one that I have never heard before.

Through the true definition of faith, God taught me to live a life full of miracles and now I’m passing on everything that I’ve learned over the course of twenty years to the next generation.

I’m positive that anyone who applies the principles in these messages can learn to live a life full of miracles that bring glory to God and that helps to shine God’s light for the rest of humanity to see.

Inside you’ll find true stories that will help you to learn how to follow God to health.

You’ll find straight-up miracles that doctors said were impossible.

You’ll find an incredible testimony of how God walked me and my children out of poverty and into a life of more than enough.

You’ll find lessons on learning how to hear from God like the patriarchs did and common mistakes that most people make when learning to hear from God.

You’ll find how God delivered me from PTSD.

You’ll find how to become part of miraculous life-saving intercession.

You’ll learn how to do the ‘greater works’ that Jesus foretold.

You’ll learn how to walk in the gifts of the spirit for the glory of God.

You’ll find stories of the tangible comfort that God’s people should expect from the comforter.

And more! All for free with no cost ever. We believe the things that are freely given should be freely shared so join us and learn to live a life full of miraculous wonders to the glory of God.

It all starts with the true meaning of Faith.

God Uses Prophecy & Intercession To Make Miracles

Being allowed to be a part of miracles is one of the greatest privileges of following God. All of God’s people have the same Spirit within them, which means that each person can walk in amazing greater works if they learn to hear from God.

The following true stories from my journey with God are meant to inspire you to believe that each person can do ‘greater works’ when we learn to listen, believe, and follow.

The key is learning how to follow God exactly as the Patriarchs did.

Following God To Health & Healing

  • A Very Important Lesson from God on Following Him to Health

The Great Physician Prescribes Garlic

  • Miraculous Cure To An Undiagnosed Illness
  • Deadly Infection: Medicine Wasn’t Working
  • Stopping A Deadly Infection In Its Tracks

God Sends People To Doctors

  • God Said It’s Going To Be A Great Story
  • Didn’t know there was a problem until God said Go to the doctor
  • Divine Diagnosis
  • Dream Leads To Life-Saving Action Scarlet Fever
  • Dream Leads To Life-Saving Treatment & Prevents Cancer

Miraculous Comfort From God

  • Peace Be Still
  • My Son Was Shot 8 Times
  • He Will Speal
  • Going Through The Mountain Coming Out In Paradise
  • My Job Experience: Double Blessing Confirmed

The Miraculous Journey of Learning To Hear From God

  • How I Learned To Hear From God
  • Accidentally Listening, Believing, & Following

My Modern Day Story Of God’s Protection In Famine

The same is true today. When people follow God’s instructions they may go through the same storm as everyone else but by following God they aren’t affected by it.

Several years ago, God told me to start preparing for massive recession. So, I began preparing and I shared the revelation to prepare with my Facebook friends. I shared that God was giving us time to prepare and anyone who did would be ready for whatever was headed our way.

Six months after I reminded my group to prepare, MASSIVE RECESSION was headline news, and store shelves were bare.

But! our shelves were full because God warned us. God said to stock up so that we wouldn’t be affected by the coming recession and anyone who followed was not affected. He led us the same way that He led Egypt. He told us to stock up and because we did, we didn’t lack anything.

God doesn’t usually stop the storm or adversity, he doesn’t take the problems in the world away, instead, He takes his people out of the way by warning them to follow. Knowing and following God is the key to rising above the same problems that the rest of the world face. Egypt didn’t starve and Noah didn’t drown because they followed God.

When we are prepared for the same problems that the rest of the world faces we can be a witness of God’s greatness. We may go through the same storm as the rest of the world but because we built a boat in advance, we don’t have a crisis.