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Mentoring Group 2023

Mentoring Group 2023

Welcome to The 2023 'Hearing from God with Mia' workshop!

Welcome to Hearing from God with Mia!

Each semester, four people are invited to participate in the 'Hearing from God' workshop with Mia.  Until recently, we have held our workshops in a private Facebook group, but beginning with this session, those workshops will be held in this forum.  

If you have received an invitation to participate, please introduce yourself in this forum by creating a post.

The group will officially begin at this forum on May 1, 2023, but please feel free to introduce yourselves and/or ask questions.   Mia will be personally instructing the class and will be available exclusively for workshop participants to answer questions posted here.

This workshop is only open to a limited number of people but anyone can read the materials posted here and apply to participate in the next workshop session.

Benefits of the Workshop

  • Direct answers to your questions regarding each portion of the book and workshop materials.
  • Dedicated one on one time for each participant with Mia each week.
  • Life-long access to Mia's DM for questions related to hearing from God.

We are looking forward to the start on May 1, 2023!

In the meantime, please create an account and introduce yourself here.