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“H” – The Most Accurate Dream Symbols

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In order to be the most accurate dream site in the world, we have limited our dream symbol dictionary to only include dream symbols that we have seen manifest in real-life firsthand and Biblical dream symbols that have been defined in the Bible.

Dream symbols that begin with the letter “H”

Hair – Holiness.

Hands – unclean, sin.  Clean – Holy.

Hanging from your fingertips – Hanging on during a crisis.  Did you hang on or did you fall?

Headboard -symbolic of a bed and related to physical intimacy.

Healing – Lack of Injury, no permanent damage, Healing.

Hole – Having something fall into a huge crater represents losing a personal belonging.  Can be a stumbling block.

Honey – blessings, promise, sensual attachments, something that is sweet and pleasant, seeking too much honey means you are too ambitious (Prov 25:27)

Horizon – Seeing something on the horizon represents something is coming because it is perceptible but not yet present.  In other words,  it will happen soon.  

Horn – blowing: following is heeding the call.

House –   Going to someone else’s house: a social encounter via phone, Internet, etc., who owns the house?  

Grandparent’s house – related to a grandparent,

Mother’s house – related to mother,  I had a dream of a tree full of nuts growing in my mother’s kitchen.  Shortly thereafter she received a large, unexpected sum of money.

Family house – Being inside a house owned by family – family life. I had a dream that I was in my grandparent’s house which I haven’t been for years and years.  I cried when I went to the house.  While in the house I was bit by a dog.   What happened in real life:   I spoke to my grandfather for the first time in years – and I cried.  Within an hour or two of speaking with him, I had an acute attack of kidney infection which was the dog bite.  It happening in his house was that it happened on the same day that I spoke to him.

See Buildings for more.

Housewarming presents – Prophecy of moving.   I gave moving gifts to my cousin and her mother in a dream.  Within 3 months they had both moved.

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