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Proof of God

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Through the evidence from Mia’s many miraculous stories and the lessons she has learned from her journey with God, we want to inspire and encourage you to know that it is God’s plan for everyone to live a spiritual life abounding in miracles, signs, and wonders.


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Unlike most ministries today we don’t accept donations and everything is free!! Access our resources and meetings anytime, anywhere! Get coached, join a live meeting, see previous videos, or read our stories, all from the comfort of your home.

Miraculous Life Coaching

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“I want to personally thank God who has used his mighty servant [Mia] again!  I want to personally thank Mia for allowing God to use her in such a mighty way.  I found out this morning that the Director of my department noticed that it is time to renew my contract and she has decided that she wants to bring me on full time!!!!!! Just as Mia said! God is an awesome God!!!!! ”


‘AMEN!!! Start Shouting!! They offered me the position. You all gave me confirmation and was right on the money!! The dream interpretation was exactly as you said! God takes care His children EVEN in times of economic downturn…PRAISE THE LORD!’


“Within 60 seconds Mia interpreted my dream and the spirit of heaviness immediately lifted off me. Through Mia’s words and the love she released, I found hope and healing. Mia encouraged me to hold on to my dream. One year later, my dream fully manifested exactly as she said. I thought it would never happen but she would not let me give up. I could not believe how she prayed for me encouraged me and followed up with me on the regular. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times Mia has contacted me and repeated conversations I had with God minutes after. Mia often would say ‘don’t say anything’ and then she would release exactly what was on my heart. Mia had no idea what was going on with me but the Lord revealed it to her. I think sometimes we get familiar with the gift and devalue it but I am forever grateful. I’m seeing nothing but victory. I’m happy to be a part of this awesome group.


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